forme_membres_ICBMS Mme Roukayatou OMOROU

Mme Roukayatou OMOROU

PhD student

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Systematic review of Plasmodium knowlesi in Indonesia: a risk of emergence in the context of capital relocation to Borneo?

Ibrahim Bin Said, Yobouet Ines Kouakou , Roukayatou Omorou , Anne-Lise Bienvenu, Kamruddin Ahmed, Richard Culleton, Stephane Picot

Parasit Vectors . 2022 Jul 18;15(1):258.

Assessment of quantitative and semi-quantitative biological test methods of artesunate in vitro

Yobouet Ines Kouakou , Roukayatou Omorou, Ibrahim Bin Said , Adeline Lavoignat, Guillaume Bonnot , Anne-Lise Bienvenu, Stéphane Picot

Parasite . 2022;29:18.

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