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M Titouan Chetot

PhD student


Titouan obtained his « diplôme d’ingénieur » (equivalent of Msc) at the National Graduate School of Chemistry of Montpellier during the year 2021. At the same time, he obtained an Msc of biology “Translationnal Medicinal Chemistry” at the University of Montpellier. During his studies, he has worked on different projects such as the elaboration of zeolitic nanoboxes for catalysis uses, in the team « Catalysis and process engineering » at the Ircelyon under the supervision of A.Tuel, the synthesis of [2]pseudorotaxanes, in « Supramolecular Machines and Architectures Team » at the IBMM under the supervision of F.Coutrot and the synthesis of azacryptands as ligand of the three-way junction of DNA, in the team “Chemistry and sensing of nucleic acids” at the Institut Curie of Orsay under the supervision of A. Granzhan. He joined the CSAp team at the ICBMS, as a PhD student in october 2021. His main projects have for aim the synthesis, characterisation and the dynamic study of new macrocycles and supramolecular architectures.

Research interests

The research field of the CSAp group is Supramolecular Chemistry. Initially centered on the synthesis of calixarene and cyclodextrin derivatives and the studies of their biomedical applications, his research has shifted towards dynamic combinatorial chemistry since 2014. With Julien Leclaire, Laurent Vial and Florent Perret, he is particularly interested in a new family of macromolecules: dyn[n]arenes.

Selected publications

“Hollow structures by controlled desilication of beta zeolite nanocrystals”

A.R.M. Prates, T.Chetot, L.Burel, C.Pagis, R. Martinez-Franco, M. Dodin D.Farrusseng, A.Tuel.

Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 2020, 281, 121033

Publications Find the most recent scientific contributions

Self-assembly of achiral building blocks into chiral cyclophanes using non-directional interactions ( Front Cover)

Zhang, Y.; Ourri, B.; Skowron, P.-T.; Jeamet, E.; Chetot, Titouan; Duchamp, C. Belenguer, A.,Dumont, E.; Perret, F., Vial, L., and Leclaire, J.*

Chem. Sci., 2023,14, 7126-7135

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