After a Master's degree in chemistry obtained in 2017 at the University of Bordeaux, Marc obtained his doctorate in chemistry from the University of Aix-Marseille in 2020, under the joint supervision of Pr. Alexandre Martinez and Dr. Didier Nuel. His thesis was on the “Syntheses and applications of phosphines confined in a hemicryptophane cage”. He then joined Lyon 1 University, within the ICBMS for an 18-month post-doc under the supervision of Pr. Julien Leclaire and Pr. Bruno Andrioletti on the study of "dynamic interactions between polyamines sources and CO2 in aqueous media and the application for obtaining isocyanate-free polymer foams”. Since October 2022, he is still working with Pr. Julien Leclaire on the "Optimization of the absorption-mineralization of CO2 by lysine salts".

Research interests

The CSAp group's research theme is supramolecular chemistry. Initially focused on the synthesis of macromolecules, his research is now mainly focused on dynamic combinatorial chemistry, CO2 capture and valorization with bio-sourced polyamines.

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