forme_membres_ICBMS Mme Malvina LARDUINAT


PhD student


After obtaining my scientific baccalaureate, I realised two years full-time higher education in preparation for competitive entry exams to grandes écoles (french high-level schools of science and engineering), then I entered an engineering school, CPE Lyon, where I studied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. During my studies, I had the opportunity to realise a gap year in a Swiss company, Debiopharm Research and Manufacturing SA, where I mostly synthesised linkers for ADC (Antibody Drug Conjugate). With my engineering diploma, I obtained a double degree with a master in organic chemistry and synthesis of bioactive molecules at the University Claude Bernard in Lyon. To complement my formation, I realised a 6-months internship at the ICBMS where I used the borrowing hydrogen methodology for the synthesis of saturated aza-heterocycles using triols and then I took the opportunity to realise a PhD thesis in the same research group.

Research interests

I am currently doing my PhD thesis at the ICBMS in the COB team, under the supervision of Pr Florence POPOWYCZ et Dr Sylvie MOEBS-SANCHEZ. I am working on the aza-Piancatelli reaction for the synthesis of new spirocyclic cyclopentenones. The aim of this PhD is to functionalize the 5-HMF, a biobased molecule to use biobased sugar platforms to obtain spirocycles via the aza-Piancatelli rearrangement, using the best catalytic system possible.

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