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Mme Alexia MOULIN


Alexia Moulin obtained her master's degree in Chemistry: Agroressources, Biomolecules and Innovation at the University of Limoges. Her first and second-year master’s internships were carried out in the LCSN (Laboratory of Chemistry of Natural Substances) part of the PEIRENE research cluster in Limoges. She was supervised by Pr. Vincent Chaleix and Dr. Frédérique Brégier. Her research focused on the synthesis and characterization of porphyrins and their biological applications. Since 2021, she works for the company LipTher on the synthesis of therapeutic lipids. She pursues her work on this thematic as a PhD student in the COB team at ICBMS under the supervision of Dr. Laurent Soulère and Pr. Florence Popowycz.

Research interests

To begin with, her research activity was focused on the synthesis, characterization and vectorization of porphyrins for their application in photodynamic therapy. She realized several methods of synthesis of porphyrins with several functionalizations in order to nanostructure them after fixation on polysaccharides (xylan). She also realized these works with chlorines which have more interesting properties in photodynamic therapy. Her current research activity is focused on the synthesis of lipids of therapeutic interest and in particular phospholipids that transport docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and protectin DX (PDX) to the brain.

Selected publications

Brégier Frédérique, Godard Jérémy, Thiais Jordan, Bouramtame Soukaina, Moulin Alexia, Champavier Yves, Mailleau Alexis, Chaleix Vincent, Sol Vincent.  Regioselective reduction of 5-aryl-10, 15, 20-tris(pyridyl) porphyrin to 5-aryl-10, 15, 20-tris(pyridyl)dihydroporphyrin (chlorin). Journal of Porphyrins and Phtalocyanines, 201923, 1380 – 1397.

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