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M Yi Yang

PhD student


Yi YANG obtained his Bachelor of Science degree from the DongHua University (China) in 2018. The same year, he joined the research group of Prof. Bo Xu in DongHua University (China). During his postgraduate studies, his work mainly focused on the halogenation of aryl compounds and photoinduced radical involved trifluoromethylthiolation. Since 2021, he is pursuing his doctoral studies at University Claude Bernard Lyon 1, where he joined the CASYEN team under the supervisions of Dr. Anis Tlili and Dr. Julien Vantourout. His work is focusing on developing new motif and new reagents of fluorochemistry.

Outside of the lab, Yi YANG also enjoys traveling and sports with friends.

Research interests

Organic fluorine chemistry is an important area of modern organic chemistry. The fluorine atom or fluorinated motifs induce unique properties such as a high lipophilicity, an increased solubility and a metabolic stability. The Ph.D. work of Yi YANG is focusing on the synthesis of new fluorinated motifs and photo- or electro-catalytic fluorochemical reactions.

Selected publications

Publications Find the most recent scientific contributions

Photochemically Driven Nickel-Catalyzed Carboxylative C-N Coupling: Scope and Mechanism

Seifallah Abid, Kevin P. Quirion, Yi Yang, Renhe Tang, Binh Khanh Mai, Peng Liu,* Anis Tlili*

Chem. Eur. J. 2023, e202301271

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Novel N(SCF3)(CF3)-amines: synthesis, scalability and stability

Yi Yang, Nathalie Saffon-Merceron, Julien C. Vantourout, Anis Tlili*

Chem. Sci. 2023, 14, 3893-3898

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