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Structural determination and kinetic analysis of the Transketolase from Vibrio vulnificus reveal unexpected cooperative behavior.

Georges, R.-N., Ballut, L., Octobre, G., Comte, A., Hecquet, L., Charmantray, F.*, Doumèche, B.*

Protein Science, 2024, 33(3):e4884

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Synthetic outer membrane vesicles bearing Tn antigen

Carolina Chieffo, Arnaud Comte, Peter Strazewski and Michele Fiore*

European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2023, 26, e202300820

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Identifying Potent Nonsense-Mediated mRNA Decay Inhibitors with a Novel Screening System

Julie Carrard , Fiona Ratajczak , Joséphine Elsens , Catherine Leroy , Rebekah Kong , Lucie Geoffroy , Arnaud Comte , Guy Fournet , Benoît Joseph , Xiubin Li , Sylvie Moebs-Sanchez, Fabrice Lejeune

Biomedicines 2023, 11(10), 2801

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Identification of Novel Compounds Inhibiting the Kinase Activity of the CDK5/p25 Complex via Direct Binding to p25

Riheb Jabeur, Caroline Corbel, Pascal Loyer, Annabelle Le Parc, Adélaide Le Grand, Arnaud Comte, Stéphane Bach, Gwenaëlle André-Leroux, Olivier Sire, Hedi Ben Mansour, and Véronique Le Tilly

Biochemistry, 2023

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An Optimized Workflow for the Discovery of New Antimicrobial Compounds Targeting Bacterial RNA Polymerase Complex Formation

A. Caputo, S. Sartini, E. Levati, I. Minato, G. M. Elisi, A. Di Stasi, C. Guillou, P. G. Goekjian, P. Garcia, D. Gueyrard, S. Bach, A. Comte, S. Ottonello, S. Rivara, B. Montanini*

Antibiotics 2022, 11, 1449

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