• Synthèse d'oligosaccharides, de glycolipides, de glycoprotéines et de glycopolymères (Groupe de D. Lafont)

  • Synthèse de glycomimétiques (C-glycosides, C-arylglycosides, exoglycals, thiosucres, etc.), méthodologie de synthèse (Groupes de D. Gueyrard, P. Goekjian et J. P. Praly)

  • Synthèse de produits naturels et / ou d'intérêt biologique. (Groupe de D. Gueyrard et P. Goekjian)

  • Chimie Supramoléculaire, interaction sucre - lectines, glycocluster (Groupe de S. Vidal et J. P. Praly)

    The synthesis on solid support of synthetic biomacromolecules is challenging because of the sheer size of the target compounds (7-13 nm). Their properties of folding into 3D structures are fascinating and can be used for example for drug vector purposes, or for the study of the evolution of primordial cells.

    is the joint effort of prebiotic and supramolecular chemistry to find the roots of Darwinian evolvability in artificial chemical systems. We use phospho/glyco-lipidic vesicles as dynamic compartments for the enclosure of synthetic peptides and RNA.