For many years, the SMITh team has been devoted to the development of drug candidates and pharmacological tools, mainly in the field of cancer. The drug candidates are either small molecules (ALDH inhibitors) or antibody drug conjugates (ADC) using innovative technologies developped by SMITh team and partners. The pharmacological tools concern RNA binders (homocarbonyltopsentin - PK4C9 with application in spinal muscular atrophy), kinase inhibitors (finisterin and meriolin series as potent anticancer drugs) and transglutaminase inhibitors (BJJF078).

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Guy Fournet

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Benoît Joseph


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Identifying Potent Nonsense-Mediated mRNA Decay Inhibitors with a Novel Screening System

Julie Carrard , Fiona Ratajczak , Joséphine Elsens , Catherine Leroy , Rebekah Kong , Lucie Geoffroy , Arnaud Comte , Guy Fournet , Benoît Joseph , Xiubin Li , Sylvie Moebs-Sanchez, Fabrice Lejeune

Biomedicines 2023, 11(10), 2801

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Monodisperse polysarcosine-based highly-loaded antibody-drug conjugates

Viricel, W.; Fournet, G.; Beaumel, S.; Perrial, E.; Papot, S.; Dumontet, C.; Joseph, B.

Chemical Science, 2019, 10(14), 4048-4053.

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Dual disruption of aldehyde dehydrogenases 1 and 3 promotes functional changes in the glutathione redox system and enhances chemosensitivity in nonsmall cell lung cancer

Rebollido-Rios, Rocio ; Venton, Geoffroy; Sanchez-Redondo, Sara; Iglesias i Felip, Carmela; Fournet, Guy ; Gonzalez, Elena; Romero Fernandez, Wilber; Borroto Escuela, Dasiel Oscar; Di Stefano, Barbara; Penarroche-Diaz, Reinier; Martin, Guillaume; Ceylan, Ismail; Costello, Regis; Perez-Alea, Mileidys

Oncogene, 2020, 39(13), 2756-2771

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Exatecan antibody drug conjugates based on a hydrophilic polysarcosine drug-linker platform

Conilh, Louise; Fournet, Guy; Fourmaux, Eric; Murcia, Angelique; Matera, Eva-Laure; Joseph, Benoit; Dumontet, Charles; Viricel, Warren

Pharmaceuticals, 2021, 14(3), 247.

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Room temperature and transition-metal-free intramolecular α-arylation of ketones: a mild access to tetracyclic indoles and 7-aza indoles

Adouama, Chérif; Buden, Maria Eugenia; Guerra, Walter Damian; Puiatti, Marcelo; Joseph, Benoît; Barolo, Sylvia M; Rossi, Roberto Arturo; Médebielle, Maurice

Org. Lett. 2019, 21, 320-324

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