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Peter Strazewski (, called Peter in German and English, Pierre in French and Piotr (Strążewski) in Polish, British born 1958 from Polish parents, has also Swiss and Polish citizenships, was educated and habilitated in chemistry in Basel, Switzerland, is full Professor in Lyon since 2001 and the Principal Investigator of the research group SYSCHEM (Systems Chemistry of Biomolecules and Prebiotic Chemistry) that has focused for the last decade on the stepwise construction of complex chemical biomolecular systems that may lead to primitive synthetic cells without providing enzymes or ribozymes.

Traditionally, his speciality since the 1990-ies is the synthesis of nucleosides and oligonucleotides connected with amino acids (as in puromycin or its structural analogues) or with oligopeptides, a research motivated by the exploration of molecular core components of RNA-driven peptide synthesis needed for the evolution of ribosomal translation, see the report on the synthesis on solid support of amphiphilic peptidyl-RNA, their circular dichroism, thermal denaturation and visualisation by atom force microscopy at (publication no. 35 in the list below).  In 2005 he started to work on the anchoring of such peptide-RNA conjugates onto phospholipidic giant vesicles being primitive models of cellular compartments.  His close and permanent collaborator Michele Fiore has deepened the knowledge of producing and evolving giant vesicles composed of mixtures of lipids.


Strazewski's research in the last period of his experimental scientific activity aims at finding sets of experimentally feasible initial conditions, viz. exploring varied compositions and analysing their outcomes, of a fully synthetic chemical microcompartmented and evolvable macro-molecular system being fed with monomers and small molecular weight-high energy compounds, to keep the system permanently out of thermodynamic equilibrium and let it selfevolve, thus, expecting to gain: 1) importexport control of macromolecules across the compartment membranes; 2) fuel- and food-dependent increase in macromolecular size and variety, that is, in polymer length and composition, inside the compartments; 3) sustained production of particularly useful macromolecules through the establishment of a (or several) de novo genetic code(s) leading to 4) the emergence of replicating macromolecular populations and, ultimately, 5) the emergence of selfevolved living cells ex inanimo.

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Several sub-topics are being developed. One is the synthesis of phospholipids and similar membranogenic amphiphiles, either through directed conventional or through plausibly prebiotic pathways, in order to observe and follow the dynamic formation and regeneration of vesicles upon their slow hydration and periodic feeding with added amphiphiles.

Another sub-topic is the growth of moderately lipophilic peptides from amino acids or shorter peptides. Such peptide chain growth is possible through attaching the first monomer to a monomeric nucleotide or short nucleic acid. Under chemical activation conditions, nucleic acids may grow in size and variety as well. The gain from growing both kinds of macromolecules within growing, dividing and evolving vesicles constitutes the highest level of complexity expected to be achieved by chemical systems.

Complex chemical mixtures are difficult to analyse, therefore the synthesis of useful new fluorophores, as well as macromolecular reference compounds prepared on synthesizers, both of help to follow the dynamic changes in chemical systems by fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry, heteronuclear NMR spectroscopy and (U)HPLC coupled to mass spectrometry, are permanently accompanying this research.  Peter Strazewski loves to use stable isotopes for the discovery of reaction pathways and mechanisms.


Considerable funding was provided by the European Union Framework Programme and the Volkswagen Foundation. The Agence Nationale de la Recherche has refused funding.


List of publications before 2014

(57) Krishnakumar, K. S.; Michel, B. Y.; Nguyen-Trung, N. Q.; Fenet, B.; Strazewski, P. Intrinsic pKa values of 3'-N-α-L-aminoacyl-3'-aminodeoxyadenosines determined by pH dependent 1H NMR in H2O. Chem. Commun. 201147, 3290-3292. DOI:10.1039/c0cc05136e

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J. Org. Chem. 201176, 2253-2256.

(55) Johansson, M.; Ieong, K.-W.; Trobro, S.; Strazewski, P.; Åqvist, J.; Pavlov, M. Y.; Ehrenberg, M.
pH-Sensitivity of the ribosomal peptidyl transfer reaction dependent on the identity of the A-site aminoacyl-tRNA.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 2011108, 79-84.
Open Access Article DOI:10.1073/pnas.1012612107

(54) Strazewski, P.
The relationship between difference and ratio and a proposal: equivalence of temperature and time, and the first spontaneous symmetry breaking. J. Syst. Chem. 20101, 11.
Open Access Article DOI:10.1186/1759-2208-1-11

(53) Zimak, P.; Terenzi, S.; Strazewski, P.
New concept for quantification of similarity relates entropy and energy of objects: First and Second Law entangled, group behavior of micro black holes expected. J. Syst. Chem. 2010,1, 2. Open Access Article DOI:10.1186/1759-2208-1-2

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(42) Charafeddine, A.; Chapuis, H.; Strazewski, P.
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Org. Lett. 20079, 2787-2790. DOI:10.1021/ol070818q

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(37) Strazewski, P. A propos "Channeling the future"
Chemical & Engineering News2004, 82(9), 4.
Open Access Document

(36) Nguyen-Trung, N. Q.; Terenzi, S.; Scherer, G.; Strazewski, P. High-yield immobilization of a puromycin analogue for the solid support synthesis of aminoacyl-tRNA fragments. Org. Lett. 20035, 2603-2606. DOI:10.1021/ol0346638

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Symposium Abstract DOI:10.1081/NCN-100002310

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Chimia 199751, 69-75. Download from

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