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Biochemical characterization of an alkaline and detergent-stable Lipase from Fusarium annulatum Bugnicourt strain CBS associated with olive tree dieback

Dab, A., Hasnaoui, I.; Mechri, S., Allala, F., Bouacem, K., Noiriel, A., Bouanane-Darenfed, A., Saalaoui, E., Asehraou, A., Wang, F., Abousalham, A., Jaouadi, .B

Plos One 2023, 1-34

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Development of a highly efficient oil degumming process using a novel phosphatidylinositol-specific phospholipase C enzyme from Bacillus thuringiensis PL14

Eddehech A., Rahier R., Donnarumm D., Rigano F., Noiriel N., Abousalham A., Cacciola F., Mondello L., Zarai Z.

Food Biosci. 2023, 53: 102579

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Antimicrobial activity of lactiplantibacillus and levilactobacillus strains isolated from fermented olive and their application in milk and pastilla leaf biopreservation

Hasnaoui, I.; Abouloifa, H.; Rokni, Y.; Bellaouchi, R.; Idrissi Yahyaoui, M.; Saalaoui, E.; Noiriel, A.; Abousalham, A.; Essifi, K.; Tahiri, A.; Jaouadi, B.; Asehraou, A.

J. Microbiol. Biotechnol. Food Sci. 2023, e6021

Antifungal activity of lactic acid bacteria and their application in food biopreservation

Abouloifa, H.; Hasnaoui, I.; Rokni, Y.; Bellaouchi, R.; Ghabbour, N.; Karboune, S.; Brasca M.; Abousalham, A.; Jaouadi, B.; Saalaoui, E.; Asehraou, A.

Adv. Appl. Microbiol. 2022, 120, 33-78

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Purification, biochemical and kinetic characterization of a novel alkaline sn-1,3-regioselective triacylglycerol lipase from Peni-cillium crustosum Thom strain P22 isolated from Moroccan ol-ive mill wastewater

Hasnaoui, I.; Dab, A.; Mechri, S.; Abouloifa, H.; Saalaoui, E.; Jaouadi, B.; Noiriel, A.; Asehraou, A. J.; Abousalham, A.

Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2022, 23, 11920

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