Round-robin testing of commercial two-photon polymerization 3D printers

Cantoni F., Maher D., Bosler E., Kühne S., Barbe L., Oberschmidt D., Marquette C., Taboryski R., Tenje M., Bunea, A.-I

Additive Manufacturing 2023, 103761.

We Already Know Everything about Oxidative Addition to Pd(0): Do We?

J. Rio, H. Liang, M.-E. L. Perrin, L. A. Perego, L. Grimaud, P.-A. Payard

ACS Catal. 2023, 13, 11399–11421

Evaluation of Nonnatural L-Iminosugar C,C-Glycosides, a New Class of C-Branched Iminosugars, as Glycosidase Inhibitors

Jérôme Désiré, Zakaria Debbah, David Gueyrard, Jérôme Marrot, Yves Blériot and Atsushi Kato

Carbohydr. Res. 2023, 532, 108903

Organophotocatalyzed Synthesis of Vinyl-SCF3 and Benzoyl-SCF3 Using a New N-(SCF3)(CF3)-Shelf-Stable Reagent

Yang, Yi; Tang, Rehne; Abid, Seifallah; Khrouz, Lhoussain; Vantourout, Julien C.; Tlili, Anis

Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2023, 26, 36, e202300619

Microwave-assisted syntheses of rhodamine, rhodol, and fluorescein derivatives

Carolina Chieffo, Emiliano Altamura, Guillaume Pilet, Saïda Mebarek, Peter Strazewski and Michele Fiore*

ChemPlusChem 2023, 88, e202300189

3D Bioprinting in Microgravity: Opportunities, Challenges, and Possible Applications in Space

A. Van Ombergen, F. Chalupa-Gantner, P. Chansoria, B.M. Colosimo, M. Costantini, M. Domingos, A. Dufour, C. De Maria, J. Groll, T. Jungst, R. Levato, J. Malda, A. Margarita, C. Marquette, A. Ovsianikov, E. Petiot, S. Read, L. Surdo, W. Swieszkowski,

Adv. Healthcare Mater.2023, 2300443

Merging Organocatalysis and Photocatalysis: A New Momentum in Covalent Radical Catalysis

Archer, Gaétan; Song, Kunlong, Médebielle, Maurice, Merad Jérémy

ChemPhotoChem 2023, 7, e202300096

Comprehensive Study and Development of a Metal-Free and Mild Nucleophilic Trifluoromethoxylation.

Clémence Bonnefoy, Armen Panossian, Gilles Hanquet, Frédéric R. Leroux, Fabien Toulgoat, Thierry Billard

Chem. Eur. J. 2023, 29, e202301513

Self-assembly of achiral building blocks into chiral cyclophanes using non-directional interactions ( Front Cover)

Zhang, Y.; Ourri, B.; Skowron, P.-T.; Jeamet, E.; Chetot, Titouan; Duchamp, C. Belenguer, A.,Dumont, E.; Perret, F., Vial, L., and Leclaire, J.*

Chem. Sci., 2023,14, 7126-7135

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