forme_membres_ICBMS M Jordan FRANCOIS


PhD student


Obtaining a Master's degree in Green Chemistry at the University of Paul Sabatier and an engineering degree at ENSIACET (Toulouse) in 2020.

Master internship at the Humboldt-Universität (Berlin), under the supervision of Prof. Christian LIMBERG and the co-supervision of Dr. Deniz AR, on the activation of small molecules with Cobalt complexes.

Subsequently joined the Organic and Bio-Organic Chemistry group (COB) in 2020 as a PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Florence POPOWYCZ and Dr. Maïwenn JACOLOT.

Research interests

Thesis work focusing on the methodology of borrowing hydrogen. Projects focused on the functionalization of heterocyclic and/or bio-sourced secondary alcohols by homogeneous iridium and ruthenium catalysis. 

Publications Find the most recent scientific contributions

Ir–Na cooperativity controls the diastereoselectivity of borrowing hydrogen C–C alkylation on isosorbide: synthesis methodology and mechanistic investigation

Jordan François, Jordan Rio, Erwann Jeanneau, Marie-Ève L. Perrin, Maïwenn Jacolot, Pierre-Adrien Payard and Florence Popowycz

DOI 10.1039/D3QO00700F

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