Research areaBiochemistry and Molecular Biology

The main research themes of the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology cluster of the ICBMS extend to the understanding of molecular mechanisms and the mechanisms of interactions between biomolecules and cellular components, in particular:

  • Regulation of enzyme expression and activity and their link to the metabolic syndrome, with emphasis on alkaline phosphatase, phospholipase D and sphingosine kinase in the process of tissue calcification and ossification.
  • Characterization of the structure-interactions-functions of extracellular matrix with a focus on intrinsically disordered extracellular proteins and proteoglycans, and on glycosaminoglycans.
  • The understanding and use of the mechanisms of interactions between biomolecules or cellular components with electrochemical, optical and/or 3D materials while keeping the understanding of biochemical phenomena as a framework.

Research topics ICBMS expertises

Mechanisms and understanding of biomolecules and cellular components’ interactions with electrochemical, optical and 3D polymeric materials.

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Molecular mecanisms of mineralization

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

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Glycosaminoglycans: What Remains To Be Deciphered?

Serge Perez,* Olga Makshakova, Jesus Angulo, Emiliano Bedini, Antonella Bisio, Jose Luis de Paz, Elisa Fadda, Marco Guerrini, Michal Hricovini, Milos Hricovini, Frederique Lisacek, Pedro M. Nieto, Kevin Pagel, Giulia Pairardi, Ralf Richter, Sergey A. Samsonov, Romain A. Vivès, Dragana Nikitovic, and Sylvie Ricard Blum

JACS Au 2023 (ASAP)

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Tides over titanium

Peter Strazewski

Nature Synthesis, 2023

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C. Marquette; C. Devillard

Bioprinting Volume 30, April 2023, e00261

Antimicrobial activity of lactiplantibacillus and levilactobacillus strains isolated from fermented olive and their application in milk and pastilla leaf biopreservation

Hasnaoui, I.; Abouloifa, H.; Rokni, Y.; Bellaouchi, R.; Idrissi Yahyaoui, M.; Saalaoui, E.; Noiriel, A.; Abousalham, A.; Essifi, K.; Tahiri, A.; Jaouadi, B.; Asehraou, A.

J. Microbiol. Biotechnol. Food Sci. 2023, e6021

Hybrid core-shell particles for mRNA systemic delivery

Valentina Andretto, Mathieu Repellin, Marine Pujol, Eyad Almouazen, Jacqueline Sidi-Boumedine, Thierry Granjon, Heyang Zhang, Katrien Remaut, Lars Petter Jordheim, Stéphanie Briançon, Isabel Sofia Keil, Fulvia Vascotto, Kerstin C. Walzer, Ugur Sahin, Heinrich Haas, David Kryza, Giovana Lollo*

Journal of Controlled Release 2023, 353, 1037-1049

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