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Housed in modern and recently built/renovated buildings, the Institute of Molecular and Supramolecular Chemistry and Biochemistry (ICBMS) is located on the "LyonTech-La Doua" and the "Rockefeller" sites. Both sites are equipped with cutting-edge equipment and supported by 4 academic entities (the University Claude Bernard Lyon1, the CNRS, the School of Chemistry CPE-Lyon and INSA-Lyon).


Research activities are divided around 4 main areas


The chemistry towards the environment



focusing on the valorization of biomass (oses, lignin, etc.), CO2, the development of synthetic routes involving economy of atoms or reducing the step count.


The synthetic methodologies



including catalysis (organometallic, organocatalysis), fluorine chemistry, modeling... geared towards obtaining molecules with high added value and in high efficiency.


The chemistry of life



bringing together many areas of expertise from medicinal chemistry, medical imaging, studies of biochemical processes, prebiotic chemistry to additive synthesis in connection with biology (3dFAB platform).


Biochemistry and molecular biology



focusing on the understanding of molecular mechanisms and the interactions between molecules and the different cellular components.


Commited teams and partners

12 teams work in close collaboration and benefit from the support of administrative facilities but also from 2 joint research centers (NMR and Mass Spectrometry) and a chemical library unit.

Between 2014-2019, the scientific production resulted in the publication of nearly 600 articles and the defense of 73 theses. Members of the institute are also involved in teaching at the University of Lyon, in particular for the chemistry and biochemistry Masters. Each year, the institute also welcomes many trainees (DUT, L3, engineering students, M1, M2).

Our teams have built strong and lasting ties with many academic teams around the world (China, Japan, United States, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, etc.) with one of them being a stakeholder in an International Laboratory (IRP) located in Madagascar.

The ICBMS has developed strong relationships with more than 35 industrial partners, materialized by numerous contracts, patent filings (21 over the last five years) and the supervision of doctoral students under private contract. In 2019, these close realtionship led to the creation of two Joint Research Laboratories with Michelin (involving the CP2M laboratory and the ITEMM modeling team of the ICBMS) and SARTORIUS (involving the 3d.FAB platform).

Finally, the work conducted at the institue led to the creation of several start-ups, in the field of life science (Mablink, SeabeLife, Healshape, 3DEUS Dynamics), CO2 captur, and the extraction of important metals (Mecaware) .



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Research areas Research activities are centered around 4 main areas

Chemistry toward environment

Organic Synthetic Method

Chemistry at the interface with Biology and Medicine

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

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