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Chimiothèque : Collection de molécules EN


Chimiothèque : Collection de molécules EN


Chimiothèque : Collection de molécules EN

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Chimiothèque : Collection de molécules EN

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Biochemical, Bioinformatic, and Structural Comparisons of Transketolases and Position of Human Transketolase in the Enzyme Evolution

Biochemistry, 2024

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Confined bioprinting and culture in inflatable bioreactor for the sterile bioproduction of tissues and organs

Scientific Reports 2024, 14: 11003

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3D MODEL of an anatomically inert human hand: feasibility study

Lucchino, N.; Pialat, J-B.; Marquette, C.; Courtial, E.; Erhard, L.; Voulliaume, D.; Mojallal, A.; Gazarian, A.

Hand Surgery and Rehabilitation 101709

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Accurate detection of cell deformability tracking in hydrodynamic flow by coupling unsupervised and supervised learning

Halima, I.;, Maleki, M.; Frossard, G.; Thomann, C.; Courtial, E.-J.

Machine Learning with Applications, 2024 (16), 100538

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Challenges in nasal cartilage tissue engineering to restore the shape and function of the nose

Vertu-Ciolino, D.; Brunard, F.; Courtial, E.J.; Pasdeloup, M.; Marquette, C.; Perrier-Groult, E.; Mallein-Gerin, F.; Malcor J.D.

Tissue Eng Part B Rev. 2024

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