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Chimiothèque : Collection de molécules EN

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C. Marquette; C. Devillard

Bioprinting Volume 30, April 2023, e00261

Antimicrobial activity of lactiplantibacillus and levilactobacillus strains isolated from fermented olive and their application in milk and pastilla leaf biopreservation

Hasnaoui, I.; Abouloifa, H.; Rokni, Y.; Bellaouchi, R.; Idrissi Yahyaoui, M.; Saalaoui, E.; Noiriel, A.; Abousalham, A.; Essifi, K.; Tahiri, A.; Jaouadi, B.; Asehraou, A.

J. Microbiol. Biotechnol. Food Sci. 2023, e6021

A thermostable bacterial catalase-peroxidase oxidizes phenolic compounds derived from lignins

Fall I., Czerwiec Q., ·Abdellaoui S., Doumèche B., Ochs M., Rémond C. and Rakotoarivonina H.

Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol. 2022, 107, 201–217

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Structural and molecular determinants of Candida glabrata metacaspase maturation and activation by calcium

Conchou, L.; Doumèche, B; Galisson, F.; Violot, S.; Dugelay, C.; Diesis, E.; Page, A.; Bienvenu, A.-L.; Picot, S.;Aghajari, N. and Ballut L.

Commun. Biol. 2022, 5, 1158

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An Optimized Workflow for the Discovery of New Antimicrobial Compounds Targeting Bacterial RNA Polymerase Complex Formation

A. Caputo, S. Sartini, E. Levati, I. Minato, G. M. Elisi, A. Di Stasi, C. Guillou, P. G. Goekjian, P. Garcia, D. Gueyrard, S. Bach, A. Comte, S. Ottonello, S. Rivara, B. Montanini*

Antibiotics 2022, 11, 1449

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