Research areaChemistry toward environment

Chemistry toward environment is one of the main research directions pursued in ICBMS, covering all fundamental and applied approaches dedicated to the development of new reactions, processes and molecules with lower environmental impact, benign by design in terms of carbon footprint, toxicity, and/or resource sustainability, following the principles of Green and Sustainable Chemistry.

All fields of chemistry are concerned, from bulk chemicals, small functional molecules and polymers to specialty and fine chemicals and chemicals of therapeutic relevance.

This direction covers three main themes:

Research topics ICBMS expertises

Biobased chemistry

Chemistry toward environment

Eco-efficient methods

Chemistry toward environment

valorization of CO2

Chemistry toward environment

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Perfluoroalkyl Selenoxides, Selenones and Selenoximines: General Preparation and Properties

A. de Zordo-Banliat, K. Grollier, N. Vanthuyne, S. Floquet, Th. Billard, G. Dagousset, B. Pégot, E. Magnier

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2023, 62, e202300951

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Ketenimines as Intermediates To Access Difluoromethoxylated Scaffolds

A. Loison, G. Hanquet, F. Toulgoat, T. Billard, A. Panossian, F. R. Leroux

Org. Lett. 2022, 24, 8316-8321

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Nickel-Catalyzed Electro-Reductive Cross-Coupling of Aliphatic N-Acyl Imides with Alkyl Halides as a Strategy for Dialkyl Ketone Synthesis: Scope and Mechanistic Investigations

Kerackian, Taline; Bouyssi, Didier; Pilet, Guillaume; Médebielle, Maurice; Monteiro, Nuno: Vantourout, Julien; and Amgoune, Abderrahmane

ACS Catalysis, 2022, 12, 12315-12325

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Introducing... Jérémy Merad

Merad, Jérémy

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2022, 61, 37, e202209218

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Hydrotrifluoromethylation of Styrene and Phenylacetylene Derivatives under Visible-Light Photoredox Conditions

Amel Souibgui, Mongi ben Mosbah, Ridha ben Salem, Younes Moussaoui,* Anis Tlili*

Chemistry 2022, 4, 1010-1015

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