The team combines biochemistry, biophysics, bioinformatics and systems biology, aims to study  the structure - interaction - function relationships of the extracellular matrix,  with a focus on intrinsic disorder, in order to characterize the multimolecular complexes and interaction networks formed in the pericellular and the extracellular matrix, and to decipher the molecular mechanisms rewiring these networks in physio-pathological context. The team has developed ECM protein and glycosaminoglycan arrays to screen ECM interactions, identified hundreds of ECM interactions, built and analysed numerous ECM protein and glycosaminoglycan interactomes. It has created and maintains the ECM interaction database MatrixDB (, which belongs to the international Molecular exchange consortium. The team  now focuses on the structure and functions of the membrane proteoglycazns syndecans and of lysyl oxidase, which plays a key role in the cross-linking of collagens and elastin.

Our team

forme_membres_ICBMS Coline Berthollier

Coline Berthollier

PhD student

forme_membres_ICBMS Bertrand DUCLOS

Bertrand DUCLOS


forme_membres_ICBMS Sylvie RICARD-BLUM



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Glycosaminoglycans: What Remains To Be Deciphered?

Serge Perez,* Olga Makshakova, Jesus Angulo, Emiliano Bedini, Antonella Bisio, Jose Luis de Paz, Elisa Fadda, Marco Guerrini, Michal Hricovini, Milos Hricovini, Frederique Lisacek, Pedro M. Nieto, Kevin Pagel, Giulia Pairardi, Ralf Richter, Sergey A. Samsonov, Romain A. Vivès, Dragana Nikitovic, and Sylvie Ricard Blum

JACS Au 2023 (ASAP)

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