Our research activity focus on the design of synthetic receptors for molecules of biological interest, constituting not only academic work that can involve innovative concepts but also allow the production of new tools for diagnostic, therapeutic or environmental purposes. This interdisciplinary adventure involves eco-efficient organic synthesis, advanced physical chemistry, molecular modeling and biological chemistry

Our team

forme_membres_ICBMS Isabelle Bonnamour

Isabelle Bonnamour

Associate Professor

forme_membres_ICBMS Titouan Chetot

Titouan Chetot

PhD student

forme_membres_ICBMS Maxime Ducreux

Maxime Ducreux

PhD student

forme_membres_ICBMS Guillaume Erbland

Guillaume Erbland


forme_membres_ICBMS Adrien Forot

Adrien Forot


forme_membres_ICBMS Alexis Giraudon

Alexis Giraudon


forme_membres_ICBMS Marc Hennebelle

Marc Hennebelle


forme_membres_ICBMS Julien Leclaire

Julien Leclaire

Full Professor

forme_membres_ICBMS Nathalie Perol

Nathalie Perol

Associate Professor

forme_membres_ICBMS Florent Perret

Florent Perret

Associate Professor

forme_membres_ICBMS Gwénaëlle Radenac

Gwénaëlle Radenac

PhD Student

forme_membres_ICBMS Allan Tissier

Allan Tissier


forme_membres_ICBMS Franck Ulm

Franck Ulm


forme_membres_ICBMS Vincent Valette

Vincent Valette


forme_membres_ICBMS Laurent Vial

Laurent Vial

CNRS Research Scientist

Publications Find the most recent scientific contributions

Self-assembly of achiral building blocks into chiral cyclophanes using non-directional interactions ( Front Cover)

Zhang, Y.; Ourri, B.; Skowron, P.-T.; Jeamet, E.; Chetot, Titouan; Duchamp, C. Belenguer, A.,Dumont, E.; Perret, F., Vial, L., and Leclaire, J.*

Chem. Sci., 2023,14, 7126-7135

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Efficient Electrochemical Reduction of CO2 to Formate in Methanol Solutions by Mn-Functionalized Electrodes in the Presence of Amines

Stuardi, Francesca Marocco; Tiozzo, Arianna; Rotundo, Laura; Leclaire, Julien ; Gobetto, Roberto; Nervi, Carlo

Chem. Eur. J. 2022, 28, e202104377

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Dyn[n]arenes: Versatile Platforms To Study the Interplay between Covalent and Noncovalent Bonds

Laurent Vial, Florent Perret and Julien Leclaire

Eur. J. Org. Chem. , 2022, 2022(2), e202101274

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Phospholipase D inhibitors screening: Probing and evaluation of ancient and novel molecules

Arhab, Y; Bessaa, K; Abla, H.; Aydin, M.; Comte, A.; Brizuela, L.; Mebarek, S.; Perret, F.; Cherrier, M.; Abousalham, A.; Noiriel, A.

Colloids Surf. A Physicochem. Eng. Asp. 2021, 630, 127629

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The dark side of disulfide-based dynamic combinatorial chemistry

Dumartin, Melissa; Septavaux, Jean; Donnier-Marechal, Marion; Jeamet, Emeric; Dumont, Elise; Perret, Florent; Vial, Laurent; Leclaire, Julien

Chemical Science (2020), 11(31), 8151-8156

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