Chemistry toward environment valorization of CO2

valorization of CO2, its capture, its catalytic activation and chemical transformations by mineralization, conversion into C1 molecules and polymers and for the design of tools aiming at the recycling of metals from primary and secondary deposits as well as soil remediation. The projects also cover CO2-based hydrometallurgy, the formation of cyclic carbonates for applications as electrolytes for batteries, green solvents, or of dicarbonates for the preparation of non-isocyanate polyurethanes sans isocyanates (NIPUs) and the activation of CO2 at room temperature and atmospheric pressure

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Electroreductive Synthesis of Nickel(0) complexes

Rubel, Camille Z.; Cao, Yilin; Ewing, Tamara El-Hayek; Laudadio, Gabriele; Beutner, Gregory L.; Wisniewski, Steven R.; Wu, Xiangyu; Baran, Phil S.; Vantourout, Julien C.; Engle, Keary M.

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2023, e202311557

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Paper-based electrodes as a tool for detecting ligninolytic enzymatic activities

Fall, I., Doumèche, B., Abdellaoui, S., Rémond C., Rakotoarivonina, H., Ochs M.

Bioelectrochem. 2023, 156, 108609

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Synthetic outer membrane vesicles bearing Tn antigen

Carolina Chieffo, Arnaud Comte, Peter Strazewski and Michele Fiore*

European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2023

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Difluoromethoxylated Ketones as Building Blocks for the Synthesis of Challenging OCF2H-Bearing N-Heterocycles

A. Loison, G. Hanquet, F. Toulgoat, T. Billard, A. Panossian and F. R. Leroux

Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2023, 26, e202300695

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Electrochemically Driven Nickel-Catalyzed Halogenation of Unsaturated Halide and Triflate Derivatives

Chen, Ming-Yu; Charvet, S.; Payard, Pierre-Adrien; Perrin, Marie-Eve L.; Vantourout, Julien C.

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2023, e202311165

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