Organic Synthetic MethodSynthesis and Methodology applied to biomolecules

Total synthesis of a target molecule with most often interesting or even unique biological properties represents a challenge to demonstrate the applicability of a pre-established methodologies or in contrast the need to develop new processes. In the two cases, it is a unique opportunity for learning and mastering organic chemistry. The research carried out in the unit is focused on many targets (alkaloids, terpenes, heterocycles, polyketides ...) involving organometallic couplings, organo- and biocatalyzed reactions, multicomponent reactions, electro- and photochemical processes but also the valorization of natural products as highly functionnalized scaffolds.

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Biochemical, Bioinformatic, and Structural Comparisons of Transketolases and Position of Human Transketolase in the Enzyme Evolution

Biochemistry, 2024

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Confined bioprinting and culture in inflatable bioreactor for the sterile bioproduction of tissues and organs

Scientific Reports 2024, 14: 11003

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The Use of 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural (5-HMF) in Multi- Component Hantzsch Dihydropyridine Synthesis

Jingjing Jiang, Yves Queneau, Florence Popowycz

ChemSusChem 2024, e202301782

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3D MODEL of an anatomically inert human hand: feasibility study

Lucchino, N.; Pialat, J-B.; Marquette, C.; Courtial, E.; Erhard, L.; Voulliaume, D.; Mojallal, A.; Gazarian, A.

Hand Surgery and Rehabilitation 101709

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Hydride-free reduction of propargyl electrophiles: A nickel-catalyzed photoredox strategy for allene synthesis

Hu, Tingjun; Fagué, Vincent; Bouyssi, Didier; Monteiro, Nuno; Amgoune, Abderrahmane

Green Chem, 2024, Accepted Manuscript

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