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forme_membres_ICBMS Christian Duchamp

Christian Duchamp

Ingénieur d'études

forme_membres_ICBMS Elodie Fromentin

Elodie Fromentin

Research engineer (mass spectrometry scientist)

forme_membres_ICBMS Antoine Vauchez

Antoine Vauchez

Assistant engineer

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From the RNA-Peptide World: Prebiotic reaction conditions compatible with lipid membranes for the formation of lipophilic random peptides in the presence of short oligonucleotides, and more

Augustin Lopez, Antoine Vauchez, Ghinwa Ajram, Anastasiia Shvetsova, Gabrielle Leveau, Michele Fiore, Peter Strazewski*

Life 2024, 14, 108

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Pre-referral intranasal artesunate powder for cerebral malaria: a proof-of-concept study

Yobouet Ines Kouakou, Aurelien Millet, Elodie Fromentin, Nathalie Hauchard, Gonçalo Farias, Maxime Fieux, Aurelie Coudert, Roukayatou Omorou, Ibrahim Bin Sa’id, Adeline Lavoignat, Guillaume Bonnot, Anne-Lise Bienvenu & Stephane Picot

Malaria Journal, 2022, 21, 291

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Identification of a new natural gastric lipase inhibitor from star anise

K. Jannet, R. Rahier, M. Sellami, I. Koubaa, P. Mansuelle, R. Lebrun, A. Berlioz-Barbier, M. Fiore, K. Alvarez, A. Abousalham, F. Carrière and A. Aloulou

Food Funct. 2019, 10, 469-478

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