Mass Spectrometry (Centre commun de Spectrométrie de Masse) Analysis requests

The GC-MS is out of service for an indefinite period. The CCSM cannot analyse your samples by GC-MS now. If you need contact of other GC-MS platforms, please contact


How to request an analysis?

1) Prepare your sample at 1 mg/mL in a non-deuterated solvent. Instructions for solvents:

For direct injection MS and LC-MS: avoid DMF, DMSO, TEA and ionic liquid

For GC-MS: remove salts and water, no ionic liquid

This solution has to be in a screw vial with a PTFE coated septa without preslit. The CCSM lab can procure this kind of vial if needed.


2) Download the request sheet below (scroll down until the end of these instructions).

3) Fill the sheet following the guidelines below:

4) Save the request sheet in PDF format and send to

5) Refill one request sheet per sample. Drop the samples in the deposit rack located in the CCSM lab, ground floor of the Lederer building (1 rue Victor Grignard, Villeurbanne).

6) We analyze your samples, send you the results by e-mail and drop your sample back in the return rack if requested (see the request sheet guidelines).

7) The CCSM invoices each laboratory at the end of each calendar quarter. Prices are available on the intranet website of the University (part B.13, pages 6-10): Click here

Any questions? We would be pleased to answer it: e-mail us at or phone us +334 72 43 11 95

Download the analysis request sheet in PDF format

Download the analysis request sheet in Word format


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